Brantford Furnished Rentals

Short Term Executive Rental Properties

Our Story

Reputation is how much a community trusts you.  It's a privilege, not a right.

An Idea is Born

It's often been said that necessity is the mother of invention.  Being caught between houses and having nowhere to live was how Marian & Harold Howe came upon the idea of offering short term rentals in Brantford, ON.  With the explosion of population and real estate construction in the Bell City, there is a demand for upscale accommodation but on a short term basis.  Hence, after acquiring and retrofitting this lovely three bedroom townhouse, we furnished the way we would like to find such a property and now it is available for people who find themselves in situations similar to ourselves.  No one has been disappointed in what we have to offer and we're sure you will agree.  We are experienced rental property owners, live in the city and take great pride in what we do.

The Easy Button

Trying to juggle family, work, travel and whatever else comes along in life is demanding enough without having the hassle of dealing with a temporary move.  With Brantford Furnished Rentals it is one stop shopping.  Our property is inclusive of just about everything but your linen and towels.  Move in and you are good to go without any drama - we even cut the grass for you.Things should be simple and we do our best to make them so.

Why Not Just A Hotel Room?

What's the longest amount of time you've ever spent in a hotel room?  A week, maybe two?  It loses its appeal quickly and then there is the cost.  Who can afford to eat out for every meal because there are no cooking privileges in your room?  What about laundry?  Been to a laundromat lately?  Privacy - forget that.  But at the same time you can't find a home to rent because the landlord wants to lock you into a 12 month lease.
That's why the Brantford Furnished Rentals has such appeal.  This is Easy Button time - just bring clothes and bedding and you're home with all the comforts.  Don't you deserve it?

Why Us?

For starters, you do not have to sign a one year lease.  Secondly, the property is quality throughout and why should you settle for anything less?  Third reason is because we make it easy for you with just one monthly payment all in. 

And finally, because we care about our reputation in the community and go to every reasonable length to maintain a high level of quality to ensure that our properties are regarded as the best in the Brantford.  If that fits with your personal philosophy then you will not be disappointed.